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March 24, 2010

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch

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Adobe CS5 Launch

Ok, what more is there to say! Just go over there and check it out!


March 16, 2010

Laptop Prototype Design

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This ain’t nothin’ but a dream right now, but it sure is cool! With all of the innovation blah, blah, blah┬áhype from Steve Jobs, I’m pretty sure folks were expecting something like this with the iPad. It’s a reminder that innovation isn’t designed with dollars in mind. As the Buddha states; “Excellent work cannot be done thinking about the reward”.

From, Schlagheck-Design – “The device of the flexible display allows a new concept in notebook design growing out of the traditional bookformed laptop into unfurling and convolving portable computer.
By virtue of the OLED-Display technology and a multi touch screen the utility of a laptop computer with its weight of a mini-notebook and screen size of 13 inch easily transforms into the graphics tablet, which with its 17-inch flat screen can be also used as a primary monitor.
On top of everything else all computer utilities from power supply through the holding belt to an interactive pen are integrated in Rolltop. This is really an all-in-one gadget.”


March 6, 2010

Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules

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Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules.

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In this article by Fred Showker over at DT&G online design magazine, he gives us some good tips, that I’m sure you do anyway simply by instinct as a designer. But it’s always good to see a process spelled out for you. Then, you can argue the pros & cons for yourself, making you a stronger designer.

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