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March 15, 2010

On Location with Michael Grecco

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Just because a photography looks simple doesn’t necessarily mean it was simple to shoot. This time lapse video of LA Photographer Michael Grecco demonstrates this fact. Now, this doesn’t mean that a lone shooter can’t get an assignment like this one with Will Farrell, because they can. However that photographer must understand the management of the shot as well as how to make the actual photographs. Take a look.

To see more of Grecco’s work, check out his YouTube ChannelĀ  by clicking, here.


March 6, 2010

Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules

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Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules.

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In this article by Fred Showker over at DT&G online design magazine, he gives us some good tips, that I’m sure you do anyway simply by instinct as a designer. But it’s always good to see a process spelled out for you. Then, you can argue the pros & cons for yourself, making you a stronger designer.

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