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March 15, 2010

Bedroom Secrets at The Van Gogh Museum

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Van Gogh-Bedroom

Van Gogh, The Bedroom

The Van Gogh Museum has created a blog , Bedroom Secrets, that will follow the restoration of the painting, “The Bedroom”. Back in 1999 the Van Gogh Museum let 20 paintings out for a world tour. Washington, DC’s National Gallery of art was one of the stops. The Van Gogh Museum also produced virtual online exhibition as well. There were selected pieces that were given a special 3D treatment, which was very cool! Or I should say, it was very cool when it worked! Back in 1999 this was a breakthrough technology that was plug-in based. It took a big performance hit on your computer system. The painting, “The Bedroom” was one of those paintings given the special 3D touch. The illusion was that you could “walk” inside of the painting and look around. For some reason I always thought of the title of this painting as, “The Yellow Bed”. Maybe that was its sub title.

¬†Here in Washington, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History did something similar with the restoration of the “Star Spangled Banner”. The flag from Battle of Baltimore, that Francis Scott Key wrote about. I can’t remember if they had a blog, but you could follow the restoration from the museum’s site. The museum now has an online educational program, check it out , here.


On Location with Michael Grecco

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Just because a photography looks simple doesn’t necessarily mean it was simple to shoot. This time lapse video of LA Photographer Michael Grecco demonstrates this fact. Now, this doesn’t mean that a lone shooter can’t get an assignment like this one with Will Farrell, because they can. However that photographer must understand the management of the shot as well as how to make the actual photographs. Take a look.

To see more of Grecco’s work, check out his YouTube Channel¬† by clicking, here.


March 11, 2010

Rights battle over Polaroid sale | The Art Newspaper

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Former judge urges artists to go to court over original contracts before June auction
By Charlotte Burns | From issue 211, March 2010

Instant art snaps: Polaroid photos by Lucas Samaras, Chuck Close and Andy Warhol are up for sale

LONDON. A group led by a former US magistrate judge has launched an 11th hour campaign to prevent the auction of photographs from the Polaroid collection.

via Rights battle over Polaroid sale | The Art Newspaper.
Published online 9 Mar 10 (market)


Leading from Behind

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Leading from Behind, by By Bryn Meredith

Modern day leadership demands that we display a whole array of different skills, competencies and abilities. Leading from behind is just one of those that you might like to consider and not discount too quickly.

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March 6, 2010

Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules

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Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules.

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In this article by Fred Showker over at DT&G online design magazine, he gives us some good tips, that I’m sure you do anyway simply by instinct as a designer. But it’s always good to see a process spelled out for you. Then, you can argue the pros & cons for yourself, making you a stronger designer.

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