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June 23, 2011

Coming Soon to Adobe Labs: Adobe Edge

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Adobe is working on yet another tool designed to create content for mobile devices., Adobe Edge. Edge will be able to create Flash-like content or animations using javascript, HTML 5, and CSS. After Apple thumbed their noses at Adobe by not allowing iPhones and the iPads to support Flash content. I guess Apple thought that developers would drop Adobe & Microsoft tools and come running to Applescript because the iPad was so cool and popular. What were they thinking. Did they really think that Adobe would simply hang their head down, kick the dirt, and go home? Or, was this some evil ploy to get Adobe to build a tool that they were simply to lazy or incapable of building themselves?

At any rate Adobe is continuing to forge ahead with developing new tools for the creative pros to create interactive content for mobile devices. You can find out more about Adobe Edge at the Adobe Labs web site and the Adobe Edge Facebook page.


June 11, 2011

Epson 4000 Series Printer Maintenance

I have an eight year old Epson Stylus Pro printer. This printer has served me well. I’ve never thought of upgrading because with my Epson 4000, I don’t have to swap out Black ink cartridges for matte or glossy papers. That’s a huge savings! Yet it is an eight year old printer, and I’m starting to notice a couple of issues with this series in general. First, this first series of UltraChrome printers are starting to reach their EOS (End of Service). Epson has upgraded their professional large format printers four times since the 4000/7600/9600/9600 series. So parts, and ink carts are starting to become less available. Second, these printer are simply wearing out. A colleague of mine just had their Epson 10000 44 inch printer “die”. So replacing that printer will be a big but worthwhile investment.

However, for me, I’m not ready to invest in another piece of equipment if I don’t have to! I’ve feel I’ve always done a pretty good job of maintaining my Epson 4000. I’ve kept its software updated, in particular its Maintenance Utility software. Still,  eight years of operation is also eight years of grime that the printer has produced. I’ve always been a little faint of heart when it comes to opening that sucker up and cleaning it out. But thanks to the Epson 4000 Yahoo Group, I ran across this great video on how to clean the Epson 4000/4800/4880/4900/3800 printers. The video comes courtesy of Condé Systems, Inc. This video shows in extremely clear terms the procedure of how to clean the most important parts of the Epson 4000 series printer inner workings. By adding this procedure to my maintenance regiment, I’ll be able to add a few more years to my trustworthy Epson 4000.


June 4, 2011

Introducing: The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

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This is a great way of understanding SEO without someone trying to sell you anything! Click on the image and go the Search Engine Land. There you can get the full guide as a PDF.
Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors