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August 18, 2010

HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle

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The New HARMAN inkjet paper from Hahnemuhle

The New HARMAN inkjet paper from Hahnemuhle

This is very interesting. Two giants in the paper industry have combined their efforts. Hahnemühle, a German fine art paper maker since, that has been operating paper mills since 1584. HARMAN is no new kid either. Alfred Harman, the founder of the company ILFORD in 1879 making dry plates,  has been making color photographic materials that go back to the first  practical application of color photography with the Lumière brother’s Autochrome process in 1903. So these two companies know what to do with paper and photographic imagery.

This should be a very interesting paper. The paper even smells like wet darkroom paper because of its true Baryta coating. One of the things that wet darkroom photographer have been looking for is a paper that looks and feels like an air dried glossy paper. This may be it. I’m looking forward to trying it out to see just what is what .