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May 8, 2010

Three New Dogwood Scans

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Last week a sent off some new work to Panasonic’s Digital Photo Academy for their Earth Day newsletter. Here are the three I sent.



April 29, 2010

ATLAS Gallery, London – Faces of Our Times

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Faces of Our Times

Meet The Beatles, by Robert Freeman ©1963

 The Atlas Gallery was founded in 1994 by Director and owner Ben Burdett. 

In 2005 The Atlas Gallery became the official gallery agent of Magnum Photos for all print sales in the United Kingdom and represents all Magnum photographers in the UK and its world-wide territories. 

One of the great things about being on the Photography Now mailing list is all of the wonderful announcements you receieve about international photography exhibitions. I’m amazed by the number of photography shows that occur around the world everyday. As a photographer, the thing I enjoy and learn from Photograph-Now’s newsletters,  is all of the subjects, objects, and approaches that are presented as “legit” . Now, by legitimate I’m talking about what photography dealers are willing to and can sell! I must admit, when I’m creating photographs, in the back of my head is the thought, “I love this, but who cares?!” Then when I see something of a similar vein in Photography-Now, I see that all is well and I’m on the right track. However, in a small town like Washington, DC, it can be hard to read just where dealers and collectors are coming from. But that is a whole other story. 

OK, back to the ATLAS Gallery’s exhibit. When I visited the Gallery’s web site there were so fimilar and unfamilar ‘Iconic” images there. Not that I know evry grand portrait image, but it is always interesting to see something new and have my imagebank grow a little bit more. As I look at the faces of these famous people, I also see/feel myself passing through history. All those faces of people who were alive during my life time, and now they are gone. I’ve got that alblum, Meet the Beatles. I think back when I 9and they) were kids, with our whole live ahead of us. Now, only two are left. Who’d thought! I expected them to make music together forever, and it all ended in 1970. Photography is an amazing time machine. 

Check out the photos.     ATLAS GALLERY – FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY


April 18, 2010

New Scans :: Dogwood Sprig Scans

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The other day, as I was walking back to my hobbit hole I noticed that the dogwood tree in front of my building had come into full bloom. It was a rainy evening, but I walked over to the tree to see just what was what. Long story short, I took a small sprig from the tree to make some scans of it. When I started these scans I decided to go with 14 bit color depth. Here are those basic scans. I’ll be doing more with them soon.

Click the Slideshow link at the lower left to check them out.



March 29, 2010

A Few New Nocturnes

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Here are twelve new photographs from my Nocturne series. These images were made during the past Autumn and Winter. I’ll be updating my web site in a few weeks and some of these images will be a part of that update. Click on an image to enlarge.

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These images reside over at Flickr until I find the time to understand the code for this little widget and post them on my server. For the best viewer experience, I recommend that once you’re over at Flickr, to use the Slideshow function.


February 21, 2010

The Vespers: evensong & other thoughts

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These photographs are my first experiments using the Lensbaby Composer



February 18, 2010

Testing an Approach

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This is simply a test to see how I can create a small image gallery per post.


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